Meet Our Museum Quality Papers

Canson Platine Fiber Rag 310
Cotton rag, smooth satin finish, pure white tone, zero OBAs, wide tonal range, deep blacks, original F-type baryta fiber paper.

MOAB Juniper Baryta 305
Cotton rag, true baryta (barium sulfate) fiber paper offers the density of a traditional FB-type paper, deep blacks, natural white highlights, warm tone.

MOAB Entrada Natural Rag 300
Salvaged-cotton paper, soft watercolor texture, zero OBAs, wide tonal range, high dMax, matte finish.

Canson Rag Photographique 310
100% cotton museum grade, smooth white tone, extra smooth surface, zero OBAs, high dMax, matte finish.

EPSON Ultra Premium Luster 240
Medium weight, RC paper, E-type luster surface that mimics the look of traditional silver halide prints, semi-gloss finish.


I’m a local photographer and Photo Innovation Lab is my ONLY source for my printing needs; not just for my clients but for all my personal photo needs. You cannot beat the quality! I have some of the prints sitting in direct sun on my desk and hasn’t faded a bit while others have. The paper used is outstanding and the colors are spot on. I just know my prints are going to withstand the test of time. Love, love, love.

Jessica Clement

I'm thrilled with the prints Photo Innovation Lab made for me. I'm a photographer and am starting to sell my work. It's so important to have high quality printing and an attention to detail so my work can shine. Juan is great to work with, very helpful and knowledgeable and it shows- the finished images are perfect. This first printing was a great experience all the way around- highly recommended.

Gerry Whitley

It was so effortless to work with Juan Carlos to get on of my photographs printed at Photo Innovation Lab. The print was so nicely printed on fine art paper and the package was carefully mailed with a personal note. Their website is so easy to navigate and their phone app is pretty cool!

Marina Paul

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