At Photo Innovation Lab we believe that positive social transformation is powerfully influenced by businesses that drive positive impact for all living things. For this reason, we have curated a collection of sustainable fine-art papers, some of which are hand made from tree bark substrates (Moenkopi Kozo Washi) or made in facilities running on 100% wind energy (Moab Entrada Rag 100% Cotton). But we didn’t stop there, our shipping materials have also been carefully picked not only to provide archival protection to your prints, but also to limit the impact packaging has on the environment. 

What makes us different?

The bulk of photo papers in use today are coated with resin polymers (plastic) and doused with photosensitive brightening agents (OBA) to enhance the perceived whiteness of the paper. These plastic coated papers are also known as RC papers or photo papers and they are not recyclable. They are a concern to the environment not only because of the materials used during the production process but also due to the non recyclable waste generated during the printing process.

Our mission is to spur transformation by using materials and technologies that deliver the least amount of impact to the environment. 

Our fine-art papers are sustainably sourced

We only print with OEM original pigment inks

We recycle paper waste and expended ink cartridges

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100% Cotton Papers: 

Cotton is considered the most environmentally friendly substrate as most of the papers are manufactured using cotton-linters which are a byproduct of the textile industry. Although some cotton papers are treated with Optical Brightening Agents to enhance brilliancy and vibrancy at Print Innovation Lab we only offer those untreated with OBAs making our selection unique and safe if discarded. 

The glossy papers we offer are all coated with a naturally occurring mineral base. None of our semi-gloss finish papers are coated with plastic or plastic derivatives!

Combination of cotton and alternative fibers:

Beside 100% Cotton papers we offer Bamboo, Hemp, Agave and Sugar Cane fiber papers. These papers not only add distinct features to the paper and the fine-art prints they produce but are easily grown and harvested making them a more sustainable alternative to wood-pulp. Our select alternative-fiber papers are all manufactured under strict environmental procedures 

We believe in a more equitable and sustainable environment for ALL living things to thrive in, so we have partnered with 1% for the Planet and have pledged 1% of sales revenue to fund non-profit organizations dedicated to protect our planet’s global ecosystem.

Through our partnership with Cloverly, we are able calculate the amount of carbon that is produced when we ship an order.

From there, we purchase verified carbon offsets and renewable energy credits on your behalf to make every single shipment we send carbon neutral.