Our Mission

Photo: Alex Haraus

"Our pledge is to help create
a planet we want to live on."

Photo Innovation Lab is a full-service digital printing studio specializing in photographic reproduction, color management and print fulfillment. Photo Innovation Lab is a new breed of print studio for those who dare to care and live to explore. 

Photo Innovation Lab’s mission is to be a platform for change and environmental activism. We achieve this by providing our customers with the highest quality of photographic products and service. In everything, from our featured artist to the papers we offer to what we share in our communications, we have one goal: To play an active role in the quest for a sustainable future.

Our Core values:

Honor all living things. Our products and services cannot endanger life; instead we aim to limit the impact our operations have by sourcing our papers from manufacturers that share our values and by promoting the works of those committed to a better life for all on planet Earth.

Make the best prints. Our commitment to art and craftsmanship shapes the prints we produce. The papers we’ve carefully selected and the inks we use and the shipping materials we employ highlight that our focus is on the long term. The end result is prints that last and have the least impact to our living environment.

Secure our environment. Environmental security is our most basic security and it’s our responsibility to protect it. Our pledge is to help create a planet we want to live in, one where immediacy and present-focus-bias is replaced by a future-bias and the question of "How much can I make today?" becomes "How well will we live tomorrow?"

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