Press Prints vs. Giclee {inkjet} Prints

So you are thinking about making prints of your digital images but are unsure about what’s the best print output available? The market currently offers a wide variety of options; press prints, giclée prints and laser, but the two that really stand out are Press Prints and Giclee {inkjet} Prints.

Giclée prints are made with archival pigment inks on photographic quality papers. At PrintShop by Photo Innovation Lab we use museum-quality Fiber based papers and Polyethylene Encapsulated Paper with Glossy and Matte finishes.

Press printed products are printed on a printing press and are not photographs. Their quality is limited and far form that of an inkjet photograph when you consider resolution, printing pattern, color gamut and paper quality. Although there are very small color shifts to the untrained eye, each process will output a different scale of colors. This is due to the color space used to print the images. Giclée prints are produced in sRBG or Adobe RGB whereas Press prints use the limited color gamut delivered by the CMYK color space.

When it comes to printing your images there are a couple of things you will also want to consider beyond cost and that is permanence. A print is not only made for display, but for its ability to retain and perpetuate an image. At PrintShop by Photo Innovation Lab we guarantee that your images will last for generations, preserving your images better than any digital file would.

Image Resolution and PPI Requirements

Print Size/Product

Minimum Image

4 x 6 Prints

400x600 pixels

5 x 7 Prints

500x700 pixels

8 x 10 Prints

800x1000 pixels

9 x 12 Prints

900x1200 pixels

10 x 10 Prints

1000x1000 pixels

11 x 14 Posters

1100x1400 pixels

16 x 20 Posters

1800x1440 pixels

Please note that we recommend that a photo be 200-300 PPI when uploading it to our wetransfer account.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you should need to cancel your order for any reason, email us at hello@photoinnovationlab.com with your order number within one (1) hour of receiving your order confirmation email to cancel your order. Passed this time – we cannot refund or cancel orders. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Can I Make Changes After Submitting an Order?

No - we do not have the ability to change an order once it is submitted. You will need to cancel your order to make any changes and resubmit. If you must cancel, please email us at hello@photoinnovationlab.com and we can take care of that for you, remember to do so within one (1) hour of receiving your order confirmation email as per our Cancellation Policy above!

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you did not like your prints for any reason simply email us at hello@photoinnovationlab.com with your order number and some photos of your prints in natural light and we’ll either re-print them for you or refund you in full.