Your Images Are Our Passion

Since 2014, we’ve been perfecting a sustainable process for photographic printing, editing and image finishing that gives us the ability to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the highest quality product across all of our offerings. To get the most of our services we encourage our customers to tap us at the onset of their projects in order to gain invaluable access to our input throughout the entire process.

We pride ourselves for offering a personalized service, either at the lab or by video call in order to provide privacy and all the attention your projects may require. We will always carefully review files to ensure they are ready for maximum fine-art output quality. 

Our Services Include:

Color management and soft-proofing

Curated collection of fine-art papers

World-wide shipping and fulfillment

35mm negative and positive scanning

Dry-mounting on archival quality substrates

Color Management

Our entire workflow is color managed, meaning that our monitors are able to reproduce 100% of the Adobe RGB (1998) color space and are regularly calibrated using x-rite hardware. Our printers are also custom profiled for the media we currently offer. This workflow ensures our output’s fidelity to the original digital file. 

If you would like to take advantage of the PRINTSHOP Unlimited program feel learn more here.

Feel free to download our custom ICC profiles here

Paper Selection

At PHOTO INNOVATION LAB we have curated a collection of the finest museum-quality papers and understand how hard it is to decide what would work best for your photographs.

It is because we understand that each paper will have its own color signature, that we offer Sample Sets that will allow you to physically inspect how an image will perform on any of our current paper offerings. 

Fine-Art Printing

Once you've decided on paper and we’ve accurately soft-proofed your images we then make test strips which we evaluate under D50 lighting conditions before we commit to the final print. View our paper collection

All prints will be available for pick-up at our studio or shipped almost anywhere around the globe (note that domestic and world-wide shipping has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic).

Print Fulfillment

At PHOTO INNOVATION LAB we offer our customers the flexibility and peace-of-mind inherent to on-demand printing and the reliability and efficiency of our packaging and shipping process. 

All of our shipping materials are compostable and biodegradable. We ship all prints under 18x22 flat, but you’ll be able to pick up flat prints up-to 24x36 inches. All other sizes will ship rolled inside a tube. Questions? Contact us

Image Archive and Copyright

All of your images files once processed and printed will be stored securely and ready for re-prints at your request. We will never use your images without your consent or authorization. All copyrights belong to the author/owner of the images. 

By printing with us you declare that you are the author or owner of the material being shared with us and that you have expressed permission to reproduce said work. 


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