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Elvi Nichols

“My name is Elvira Elena Nichols but everyone calls me Elvi”.

Elvi was Born in Barranquilla, Colombia as the youngest of 5 children. She grew up with a strong love for family, friends, music, soccer, and Church.

On 1998, at the age of 42 Elvi migrated to the U.S. and established her new home in Tallahassee, Florida where she worked with children for 14 years as an Assistant Teacher at Advent Parish Day School.

Elvi took her first painting lessons in 2011 at Lafayette Park and loved it!  Since then she has been playing and exploring in her free time, but since her retirement, in 2015 it has taken all her attention.

“I️ love to recreate memories of places and people in my life and be surrounded by these paintings, some of which I️ want to pass down to my daughter as a legacy of her past. I also want to share them to inspire many women to pursue their dreams and set new goals at any age.

It pleases me to see that they bring joy and rekindle memories to some of my friends”.

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