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Fine-Art Matte Prints on Hahnemühle Agave 290

Fine-Art Matte Prints on Hahnemühle Agave 290

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Paper Description

A remarkable 70% of Hahnemühle's Natural Line Agave fine-art and environmentally-conscious paper is derived from sisal fibers from the agave plant combined with 30% cotton fiber. 

Its base material boasts a bright white natural tone, free from optical brighteners (OBAs) and Hahnemühle Natural Line Agave 290's rough yet delicate texture adds a captivating sense of depth, complemented by a pleasantly soft feel.

With a matte premium inkjet coating, this paper ensures exceptional print results, showcasing vivid colors, intricate details, deep blacks, and optimal contrasts.

Hahnemühle Agave is not only visually stunning but also environmentally responsible!


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